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Shajinaz is a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging products in Bangladesh.

We offer a broad range of rotogravure printing & flexible packaging products that include primary packaging such as pouch, laminates, sleeves & labels. We are fully equipped to all flexible packaging requirements of our customers and if necessary we innovate, provide solutions and take pride in our passion for punctuality and customer satisfaction. Our statistical process control enable us to quantify and reduce process variation, and ensure our packaging meets your requirements every time.

Quality Driven

Our team of highly qualified officers makes sure that no product is passed without undergoing strict tests under Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). We have modern computerized lab equipment to assure 100% quality with no error.

Customer Focused

We have dedicated product developments team that enable us to serve our customers, and we solidify our relationships with our customers by working with them to develop, commercialize and increase efficiency


We have invested over BDT400 million in capital spending over the last 4 years on maintenance, safety, compliance, growth and cost reduction projects. We expect to continue to invest in these programs to drive operating income performance.

Global Sourcing

We import the best quality raw materials from all the industry leaders to make sure our product’s quality is always superior than our competitor. Strong supplier evaluation is done to enlist a new supplier.


The vision of company is to be one of the leading packaging companies by customer satisfaction offering one of the best quality products on time and in the right quantity. We also strive to Win and keep reputation by quality, customer service, product development & environmentally friendly packaging in Bangladesh.


Our mission is to be the preferred supplier of flexible packaging in Bangladesh. We are committed to excellence in providing the highest level of quality and service to our customers. We operate a safe, clean, profitable business in a cost-effective and ethical manner. We also recognize that people are our most important resource.


Our philosophy is to be the preferred supplier of flexible packaging globally. Our manufacturing platform provides us with an advantage over most of our competitors, as we are located at the main port city in Bangladesh. Our capital investments have provided us with a modern and efficient portfolio of facilities to produce our products. We have also benefited from sharing and implementation of best practices and procedures across our businesses in order to leverage our technological expertise and improve efficiency throughout the Company.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Our company is capable to produce quality products to meet local and national customer specifications and at the same time we maintain protection barrier in our product so that we assure our customer’s product quality at highest level.

Our manufacturing capabilities are:

  • Printed Wrapper up to 9 color. Also capable of both surface & reverse printing.
  • Double, three & four layer laminated wrapper.
  • Center sealing & bottom sealing Pouch.
  • Three side sealing & Stand up pouch with zipper.
  • PET & PVC Shrink Sleeves.


Manufacturing Capability of Shajinaz Eximpack Limited


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