State of The Art Technology

We maintain an expansive array of packaging machinery and specialized equipment, which enables us to offer a wide variety of products and maintain a high degree of flexibility in meeting customer demands. Investments in equipment are driven by industry trends, developing technologies, customer needs and cost containment.

Our production lines are developed with industry leading machine suppliers and assemblers like Long New, Wordly, Dhabah, Kung Shing, Comexi etc. and in many cases, our own specialist engineers carry out extensive customization of the base equipment to create a proprietary manufacturing process. We perform on-going and regularly scheduled maintenance to prevent any unplanned plant shut-down or material interruption in our operations due to equipment failures that affected our customers.

We use state of the art equipment at our production facility to manufacture best quality products. Our equipment list are as follows:

Machine Quantity Capacity Origin
9 Color Gravure Printing 1 220m/min Taiwan
8 Color Gravure Printing 1 220m/min Taiwan
6 Color Gravure Printing 1 110m/min India
Dry Lamination 2 220m/min Taiwan
Solvent less lamination 1 350m/min Spain
Three layer co-extrusion film making 2 220kg/hr Taiwan
Inspection 3 300m/min Taiwan
Slitting 3 300m/min Taiwan
Center Sealing 1 180 cuts/min Taiwan
Bottom Sealing & Cutting 1 180 cuts/min Taiwan
Center & Bottom Sealing with cutting 1 180 cuts/min Taiwan
3 side sealing with standup pouch including zipper 1 150 cuts/min Taiwan
Heating Side Sealing Slitter Rewinder 1 100m/min Taiwan
HDPE film making 1 80 kg/hr India
PP film making 1 80 kg/hr India
Glue Sealing Machine 1 220 m/min Taiwan
Label Cutting Machine 1 420 cut/min Taiwan

We have continuously expanded our manufacturing footprint and improved our operational efficiency and streamlined our broader business. Our improvement plan includes capital investments to reduce production costs, manufacturing technology development, targeted sales growth projects and pricing-point improvements, with a focus we believe would return our investment within six years or less. Also, we have upgraded the operating processes of our facility by reducing our fixed costs and improving our profit margins. We develop and maintain our facilities with modern equipment and extensive technical capabilities.